lunes, 27 de junio de 2011


'Price tag'

My comment:

I like how ironic this song is, seeing she has like six wardrobe changes (all pretty expensive looking)
has really expensive looking nails, jewelery, and b.o.b saying keep the cash all he needs are "six strings"... that and his platinum watch, gold bracelets and gold chains and expensive glasses and designer clothes. dont get me wrong, I like the song,,, its "hip shaking catchy" I just think a little more honesty is in order if you are trying to portray someone who's "not doing it for the money"


My comment:

This song shows that we leave in a materialistic age where without this money we've made up, you cannot survive and get the things that could easily be free. And it just goes to continue the agenda of how great money is by preaching how great it'd be to be famous and have your name everywhere

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